We started as a home-baking venture in 2021 with a passion of producing fresh, tasty & premium quality bakery products. Since the commencement of our venture, we have had an inclination towards preparing our products made in Amul Butter without any harmful ingredients like filthy oils, preservatives, sugar substitutes, etc. In short, our products do not include any ingredients that can directly or indirectly harm your health.


With the advent of 2021 and post-COVID health-related awareness, people in general started looking for home-made products, let it be bakery products or snacks for regular use or anything else. Just during this period, our Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies created a craze among our family & friends network. People around us admired our Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies that were actually prepared just for family to enjoy home-made cookies during and after the lockdown period

With the growing demand for our cookies from our friends and relatives, we were simply astonished and unable to deny anyone for the cookies. These people not only approached us for cookies but also offered to pay whatever it costs making it difficult for us to deny. Thus, BAKESTER was born in 2021 with elite customers (from our network) like doctors, lawyers, and school teachers being few of the precious customers in our initial phase.


At Bakester, we continuously strive to make our products value for money, affordable, and deliciously indulgent. We put in our efforts to make our customers feel satisfied for the quality and facilitate in satiating their taste buds too. We have incomparable wide range of products like cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cakes, focaccia bread, etc. However, we specialize in cookies and brownies made in Amul Butter. You may call us specialist of cookies and brownies.

So we welcome you to the whole new world of Bakester products. Come and indulge yourself in heavenly tasteful (buttery) delicacies…

Premium Products Available…